IT Staff Augmentation

by | Nov 8, 2021

The right size of a team is important for the success of any project. As it matures over time, it often becomes necessary to hire more professionals to get the job done on time. In that case, going for in-house recruitment can be a time-consuming effort if the project needs to be delivered quickly. So, there is an option of IT Staff Augmentation that will allow you to apply the required workforce without even searching for an in-house developer. All you have to do is contact us, dictate your issue, and leave the rest to us.

Nowadays, IT Staff Augmentation is a popular business activity and also a major reason for revenue growth. According to reports, the global software market is about to reach nearly 970 billion USD by the end of 2021. Such a huge number is only possible due to an equally large number of IT professionals. As it is understandable that not every company can hire hundreds of developers under one roof. Here, Resource Augmentation is the solution that helps to properly distribute the IT workforce among businesses.

The augmented staff works as a part of your in-house team and remotely cooperates with employees for the duration of the project. As an example, if you have an extra workload you wish to reduce and your existing team does not have the time, specialties, or relevant experience to engineer such products; that’s where you require IT Staff Augmentation instead of making a traditional approach of hiring that requires searching, interviewing, and onboarding.

For that, you need a professional vendor like EvolversTech, who cares about augmenting your team. We manage it all by selecting the appropriate specialists with experience in similar projects. You are also free to view their resumes and interview them before signing a contract for a limited amount of time. Ideally, augmentation works best with short-time projects that don’t take longer than 2 years. It is also beneficial to fill a talent gap when you are facing a staff shortage for a certain amount of time.

You can also use an augmented team for longer projects in the beginning and may switch to another approach after some time. EvolversTech is considerate of the client’s wishes and offers full freedom to make any kind of negotiations. Our Staff Augmentation Model has two further categories for helping you choose the right one according to your business requirements.

  • Skill-based: Staff belonging to this category is usually applicable on all kinds of projects, except in those where advanced skills are required. For example, they have a basic understanding of regular computer functions such as bookkeeping and copy typing.

  • Highly-skilled based: These are specialists in their respective fields of Web and Software Development, SEO, Graphic Design, and Content Writing. They have advanced skills that are obtained only through experience and extensive training.

With us, you can easily find a language expert for Ruby on Rails, Python, or any other, and even a manager. One of the disadvantages of augmenting too many staff members may be the chaotic coordination between permanent employees and augmented ones. It depends on the vendor to make sure that doesn’t happen, and we are pleased to be trustworthy in that aspect. We are fully aware of the challenges that any business can face while augmenting staff so we ensure the following steps:

Eliminating Language Barriers

 The most annoying problem a client can face in IT Staff Augmentation is the language barrier while working with professionals of diverse cultural identities. Native English speakers can develop misunderstandings due to the inconsistent English of augmented staff during the crucial phases of the workflow. Our clients have never faced such problems with us which you can confirm by conversing with us.

Time Zone Issues

 We establish a mutually acceptable meeting schedule to facilitate the best communication between your permanent employees and the augmented staff.

 Quality Control

 An unsatisfactory development can be costly, cause delays, and create various security risks for the end-user. Some cost-reduction approaches can lead to this problem but a formidable Quality Control can avoid it. It doesn’t matter how much experience the staff is, we believe in strictly studying and verifying their work, before delivering to the client.

 Evolverstech has professionals with good communication skills in Higher-Intermediate to Advanced Level of English. The team includes middle to senior-level engineers and even managers to supervise the work of developers.