Privacy Policy

EvolversTech get information from you which are necessary for better application performance, Obtain data is very secured and privacy of the user is our first priority, this Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and protect your information. Approximate location (network-based) We don’t save your current location, actually this need when you use applications that need locations, like a map. This information is untraceable. Read your contacts: Permission to access contact information is used when you search for contacts in the search bar. Microphone: This allows the application to use your microphone. Read the contents of your USB storage: This permission allows viewing app data (image, text, audio, etc…) stored on their SD card. Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi: This permission is used in settings and notification toolbar in order to connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi. Camera: Some of our applications use the camera (s) in your mobile device (smartphone or tablet PC). This is necessary for the correct functioning of the application, for example, to display a camera image of your environment in which an object is displayed. Storage: Some of our applications can access the storage of your mobile device. This permission is necessary and will be used exclusively to allow you to set your own picture as wallpaper in some of our live wallpaper apps. Additional use of the authorization does not take place. Contact US: apps@evolverstech.com