What is Agile Software Development?

by | Dec 2, 2021

Different methodologies to software development have been introduced for the last 60 years, but only a handful of them have managed to survive today. One of such practices is Agile Software Development that uses a pragmatic approach to deliver the finished product. It has proven widely successful in tackling uncertain and turbulent environments by responding to change and creating it. The authors of Agile Manifesto labeled this method as “Agile” because of its adaptability and anticipating the need for flexibility. It pushes thought processes regarding how can developers understand what’s going on in the environment around them. It enables them to identify uncertainties and figure out a way to adapt to each one as they go. So, in short, Agile methodology is a mindset rather than another IT theory to swallow.

Agile software development extensively focuses on the developer community working together in a collaborative and self-organizing manner. Cross-functional teams can use the unique skill-set of each other so solutions can evolve. The role of managers is there but limited. The manager doesn’t need to interfere in anything and let the team develop on its own. However, he can step in when developers are unable to resolve some issues on time. Agile manifesto has articulated some central values and principles that are compiled as follows:

Relationship and Communality of Software Developers

The Agile Software Development methodology focuses more on the human factor reflected in the contracts rather than tools and standardized processes. It can be seen in today’s Agile methods in the form of close relationships between teams, tight working environment arrangements, and many other ways to boost team spirit. Whenever they face any uncertainty, they try different things to check what works, receive feedback, and adjust accordingly.

Keep Developing Working Software

Agile Software Development advises the developer to develop working software instead of just comprehensive documentation continuously. It is because new software releases are produced at frequent intervals. In some cases, they are created monthly or bi-monthly and in some, even daily or hourly. If the developers keep the code simple, straightforward, and technically advanced, it would save them from creating excessive documentation.

Collaboration Before Contracts

Agile Software Development focuses on immediate delivery of business value as soon as the project starts from the business perspective. This way, the risk of the contract not getting fulfilled is significantly reduced. It is because even though it’s essential to draft contracts along as the size of the project increases, the direct relationship between client and developer eventually gets more preference. The negotiation process itself must be regarded as a way to achieve and maintain that relationship.

Respond to Change

The software development group comprises both developers and client representatives. Agile Software Development recommends that the group should be competent, well-informed, and authorized to make possible changes as they come up during the life cycle. It means that teams are prepared to make adjustments, and their contracts are formed with proper tools and support systems that allow enhancements on the go.

Thus, Agile methods are the practices teams use and how they recognize different people as the drivers of success in any project. Moreover, the intense focus on effectiveness and flexibility creates a unique combination of values and principles.