Mobile Applications is the newest and most effective way to promote and market your business. If you have a great and an innovative business idea, we can turn them into a reality on the latest Smartphone technologies and will be a great way to earn money for you.applewindowArdWhether you need an iOS, Android, or new Windows app, we are the right people for you and can turn your ideas into fully functional apps within unmatched budget and timeframe. We work hard to turn your dreams into reality, whether they are game aspirations or high-end utilities.

iPhone and iPad Apps

EvolversTech has both the design and the technical expertise needed to develop a wide range of highly optimized iPhone and iPad Applications. For iPhone development we use iOS SDK that uses Objective-C and Swift as a programming language. We provide the following services in iPhone and iPad development:

  • iPhone application (app) development for mobile devices
  • Custom iPhone application development
  • iPhone games development
  • Mobile business software creation for iOS, iPhone and iPad
  • iPhone Third-party libraries building
  • iPhone, iPad, iOS Multimedia and security mobile solutions
  • iPhone software development with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS support
  • M2M applications design and implementation

Android Development

Android has been one of the platforms that have increased considerably over time in the market of SmartPhones. Android store has a very simple and streamlined approval process that makes it evitable for new apps to quickly appear on the market than on most other platforms. If you are keen on bringing your app to the market quickly then we are here to make it possible for you. We have the know-how to build your Android application that your business requires. Not sure about the Android app that you want to build? We can assist you and provide you consulting services to be able to help you decide how to take the best from it. We believe in providing guaranteed satisfaction to our clients. We offer the following services in Android Development:
  • Android application (app) development for mobile devices
  • Custom Android application development
  • Android games development
  • Third-party android libraries building
  • Android tablet Multimedia and security mobile solutions
  • Android software development with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS support
  • Android Communication layer mobile application development
  • We can assist and provide consulting services to help you decide how to reap the benefits from android market