EvolversTech engagement models are devised to provide long term and constant support to our clients by bringing innovativeness, meeting crucial timelines and higher response to delivery time. Depending upon the size and the scope of the project, EvolversTech offers customized engagement models to choose from. The clients can either hire a team or a developer on an hourly basis or engage their development on a Fixed Price contract. Our models have achieved to be a complete success story for our client’s software development process by providing resource flexibility, cost effectiveness, time efficiencies and the ability to sustain peak loads. In order to meet the client’s business needs and objective, our models consists of specialized and experienced resources that are well managed and well informed.

You can easily contact the developers working with you by using email, Skype and other means of online communication. Our employees possess an above average knowledge of English which makes it easy for you to communicate your ideas. We provide our clients with a daily, weekly and monthly report on the status of the project for long term offshore projects.

We offer our clients two types of Contractual Models:

Hourly Rates:

This model is best suited for clients that have relatively smaller projects with a clear scope to be fulfilled within a specific time period. Such model suits for the development process which involves ad hoc programming and Code Review, complex projects where there is constant need for specification and design changes. In this you can pay the developers on an hourly basis. We have been offering the best and the most competent hourly rates for offshore development without compromising on the quality of the product to be developed.

Fixed Price Rates

This model could be used where the requirements and the functional specifications of the product are clear or already completed and compiled into a document. This gives you an advantage of a fixed price and the specified time frame. The client pays an agreed fixed amount for the discussed project scope. The costs define the deliverables and the timelines to deliver the project in a timely manner. The milestones are broken down into cost break-up which enables the client to monitor the progress of the project and reduce risk.