EvolversTech has been able to deliver refined software solutions for various applications. The substratum for the successful delivery of all our projects is the software engineering process we follow and persistently improved it over the years.
EvolversTech team follows Agile Methodology with Test Driven Approach by adopting suitable tools so that the clients are involved at the maximum during the development process. This process enables customer satisfaction by rapid and continuous delivery of the projects. This ensures cost effectiveness and provides quality advantages to the client.
Agile Process

We have a standardized process by introducing guidelines to the lead developers and the development team in order to make it easier for the team to maintain check and balance in the process and impose quality across the development team.

The teams estimate and plan the velocity of each sprint. All the development work takes place in sprints which at the maximum ranges to 4 weeks. Scrum Meetings are held daily so that questions are answered quickly, issues are identified and addressed quickly, and to provide the client and the team members with a common understanding of how the Sprint is progressing. A burn down chart is maintained, which shows how much work is remaining in a sprint. This is calculated by the Scrum Master daily in hours and maintained in a backlog. Product Owner prioritizes Backlog items by highest value. At the end of each sprint a demo is presented to the client and in case of any changes by the client, will be lodged in the next sprint.


Team Structure

The Agile process allows us to recommend a Product owner, Scrum Master and the Development Team, each performing their respective duties in the development process. The team size varies from 2 to 5 people, depending upon the nature of the project. We intend to assign a developer, a designer and Quality assurance resource along with a Scrum Master that acts as a Project Manager to the project.